Camping Tips For Beginners

camping tips for beginners

Are you planning your first camping trip? You’ll need solid basic skills and knowledge. I will tell you everything you need to know as a beginner in camping. Whether we talk about finding the right spot for camping or planning the camping menu, I will give you all the information you need.

Camping means having all the freedom in the world, especially if you have a camper. You can drive and stop anywhere you want, then hit the road again. It is like driving around with your house, and it is so cool.

Camping Tips For Beginners

How Do You Go Camping For The First Time?

There are few things to cover when you are planning to go camping for the very first time.

Choose The Right Tent

When you are camping, tents are among the essentials. You have to feel comfortable, right? You can choose from so many different types, sizes, additional equipment, and price range.

Plan Your Trip As A Beginner

I am sure everybody that has been camping before will agree with me. As a beginner you have to choose, let’s say, easier places to go camping.

Places with better infrastructure and comfortable spaces. This will help you feel better acclimated.

I would also recommend choosing a warmer place for your first trips. You will get used to nature easier and feel more comfortable.

Choose A Location

There are few countries that, during the summer, are a perfect place to go camping, such as France, Italy, Netherlands, and Austria. If you find a tour with a guide, stick to the route, and you can experience one pretty good vacation.

What Basics Do You Need For Camping?

On the checklist, there are 4 categories.

1. Sleeping gear

– Camping tent – depending on how much space you need, and how many people are you going to sleep in the tent, you can choose the right for you.

– Tent stakes

– Sleeping mats/mattress – to put under your sleeping bag.

– Sleeping bag – to keep you warm

– Blankets – always bring extra if you are worried that you may get cold.

– Pillows

2. Cooking gear

We will take a closer look at cooking gear in another section of our article.

3. Essential gear

– Hammer and a hatchet

– Sunscreen

– Bug repellent

– Sanitizer/spray, wipes

– Headlight, flashlight/torch – you can choose, or if you want, you can take both

– First aid kit

– Tarp and rope

– Pocket knife

4.  Personal items

– Clothes

– Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shower items

– Something comfortable to sleep in

– Bathing suit and towel

– Rain jacket

– Sandals, flip-flops, sneakers – depending on where you are going and what are you doing

– Entertainment items

– Sunglasses/glasses

– Hat

I know it seems like a lot of stuff, but you use all of this stuff every day in your life when you think about it. You just have to remember to take them with you when you are camping.

What Are The 10 Essentials For Camping?

FIRST AID KIT– This should be the first packed thing.

TENT – No matter where you are going, do not forget to bring your home with you.

BACKPACK – There are so many types of backpacks to choose from, but depending on where you are going, how long you are staying and what you need to bring with you, you will choose the right one for your trip. Your backpack must be ergonomic and comfortable. Must have enough pockets and easy access, and to be waterproof.

MOBILE PHONE– You can use it to call somebody, but it also can be used as a GPS. Do not forget your charger.

SLEEPING BAG– No matter double or single, this is all up to you. The essential here is that you check at what temperature you will be using the sleeping bag. A sleeping bag is important. Be discerning when you are choosing which one to buy.

CHAIR AND TABLE– You will need those to have dinner, to sit and relax, to play cards, just to be comfortable.

LAMPS AND BATTERIES– You will need light, whether for reading at night time or to stay up late and talk and play games. There are few types of light that you can choose from—headlight or flashlight.

MAP, COMPASS, AND GPS– For easier orientation, I would recommend having all of them.

KNIFE– That is something you will need for all sorts of different situations.

SUNSCREEN AND BUG REPELLENT– Do not forget the protection.

Can I Go Camping By Myself?

Camping alone is such an enriching experience. Of course, you can do it. To do so, you need to be extra careful, though. You have to think through every situation you may get into. Even if you have camped with friends before, this is not the same. It can be challenging, and you have to know how to deal with everything—fast, safely, and cunningly. I will give you a few pieces of advice, and I recommend that you follow all of them.


Camping alone can get you into a situation you may have never thought you would end up in. This is why preparing for everything is the key here. Make a list and a plan before you leave your home.


You have a GPS; better take it with you. You never know where you can get lost, even if you know the area. Keep in mind to take extra batteries and a charger for your phone. Keep the location of your phone on. If something happens, this is how you can be found more easily. Consider taking paper spray with you as well.


And I mean a lot. You may not realize how much water you drink for a day or how much food you eat, but this is just because you have it at home. When you are camping, you do not have a store where you can buy the essentials.

Take at least 11 liters of water and a jug with a filter if you get out of water. You have to stay hydrated at all times. It is also good to have a variety of foods: meat, veggies, and fruits, even sandwiches. You may have some ready-to-eat food and some food for cooking. This is better because if you get really hungry, you can sit and eat right away, and when you stop for the night, you can cook some food.


You will probably meet other people along your way. Talk to them, get to know them. Tell them where exactly you are going. Ask them where they are going, as they may be planning to camp pretty close to you. And this can be a plus in unexpected situations or if you just need help with something. You will still have your alone time, but you will know that there are people not that far away from you.


I know it sounds easy and maybe silly, but checking the forecast is essential. After you have so many things in mind before camping, you may forget to check the weather, but you ought to. You should bring clothes according to the weather. I also recommend always have an extra coat and extra blanket. No matter what the forecast says, you may need it. Imagine it is going to rain, and you bring clothes for hot weather. If there is going to be a storm, it is better not to go. Leave it for the next week or month.


It can be intimidating sometimes, but you have to do it. When camping, you need to be confident, and confidence is essential in eye contact. Something as easy as this can change how safe you feel out there.

You need to prepare yourself to feel a little bit uncomfortable around other people you will meet on your way and even animals. Eye contact will show that you feel comfortable and confident, that you control the situation, and you are not afraid. It will also allow you to judge if the person is dangerous or not.

Camping Cooking Equipment List

Cooking gear.

– Sometimes you can be cooking on the campfire itself, but to get the fire started, you will need a propane torch and a fire starter.

– Camping stove – in case you do not want to start a fire, just to make food.

– Pots and pans

– Tongs and flippers

– Oven mitts

– Tinfoil

– Plates, spoons, and forks – you may want to consider buying some reusable plastic ones. They are very practical.

– Knife

– Roasting sticks

– BBQ brush

– Dish soap and sponge

– Something to drink out of

– Ziplock bags

– Cooler

What Is The Best Tent For Winter Camping?

This is something you will really feel that you need if you do not bring it with you during winter camping. Choosing the right tent for winter camping is not that hard. You should take into consideration if the place where you are going is windy, how low the temperatures, are what the humidity is like. You should also be careful about changing weather conditions. That’s why you need to check these criteria’s when you are buying your tent:

– Closing ventilation openings

– Higher quality of the tent sails and stability of the poles (e.g., a mixture of steel and fibreglass with a larger pole diameter)

– Longer edge of the outdoor tent (prevents wind from entering the tent)

– Larger apse (storage space in the tent)

– The inner tent should not be made of mesh but of the strong tent fabric to make it as tight as possible.

– Tent heater – This is not a must but is highly recommended.

Can You Sleep in a Tent During Wintertime?

To sleep in a tent during wintertime, you will need a mat under every sleeping bag. The mat is essential for your body. It will protect you from the cold during the night. I also recommend buying the thickest one you can find. The more space you have between the ground and you, the better.

The sleeping bag is another essential of winter camping and camping in general. When you choose the right sleeping bag, you have to be aware of what temperatures you will be sleeping in.

Camping For Beginners: A Checklist

– Tent and tent stakes

– Tarpaulin

– Sleeping bag

– Sleeping mat

– Pillow

– As much food as you can carry. We recommend taking a lot

– Bath accessories

– Camping table and chairs

Camping is a unique adventure unto itself. It has to be carefully thought through and prepared for. That’s why most people choose to go camping with friends. Keep in mind you will be spending a lot of time together in close quarters. That makes the trip more intimate, and you will get to know your friends in whole new contexts.

Trips like this can lead to even better friendships and even marriages. If you take enough time to prepare, it will lead you to one harmonic and great adventure. If you decide to go by yourself, tell few different people where exactly you are going. Give them the whole route that you will be taking.

Your adventure while camping is guaranteed. It’s a fantastic experience. If you have never done it before, now is the time to plan your first trip. Have fun and good luck!

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